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Sunday, October 23, 2005

About this Blog

Hi! I'm Ryan Freebern. Every year, the holiday season rolls around and I find myself wracking my brains and scouring local stores for gifts for friends and family. This year, I decided to put a stop to that. Throughout the year, I've been keeping track of nifty little gifts and gizmos that I thought might make a good gift for someone. Now, I'm sharing them with you.

My goals with this blog are simple: I want to provide my readers with a wide selection of creative, thoughtful, and (usually) inexpensive gift ideas. In return, I hope you'll send new ideas my way. I'll share the best ones with everyone, and hopefully it'll help me with my shopping as well.

While some links will include a referral code (items on Amazon.com will have this, for instance), making a few bucks isn't the main point of this blog. I'll gladly feature items from small, independent businesses right alongside ones sold through major retailers. The bottom line? If it's a great gift idea, I want to post about it.

If you'd like to contribute a gift idea to this blog, please send it (and make sure you include a link!) to rfreebern_gift@corknut.org.

Thanks, and happy gift-giving!


At 12:03 PM, Anonymous Dr.MOZ said...

Just What I Wanted is a regular stop for us here at Dr.MOZ during the gift giving season!

Thanks for the great gift ideas!



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