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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Disc Eraser

Those of you who store sensitive files (finances, perhaps, or angst-ridden teenage poetry) on CDs have probably been faced with the need to securely destroy a CD before. How do you do it? It's difficult and dangerous to try and break a CD by hand. Scratching it up with a pair of scissors might not be effective, and putting it in the microwave, while a pretty sight, isn't very good for the microwave. The Disc Eraser is a simple little doodad that makes it easy to destroy the data on any CD without hassle. Just insert the disc, press down, and slide the slider across the disc surface. The resulting groove destroys every data track on the disc surface, making your data unreadable. Do it a few times in different locations just to be completely sure that you've gotten rid of those embarrassing Mariah Carey MP3s once and for all. $12.99 USD.


At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Dave M said...

I bought a "Disc Eraser" last month, and it's pretty cool. It's less dangerous and noisy than shredding, and it saves alot of time.


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