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Saturday, November 05, 2005

grat.uito.us integration

You may notice that at the bottom of each post on this blog (not in the syndication feed, though — sorry) I've added a link allowing you to add each item to your grat.uito.us wishlist.

Grat.uito.us is a new "social wishlist" website that, like the similarly-named del.icio.us, allows you to simply and easily add items to a public list. Your grat.uito.us wishlist is a list of URLs to items that you want.

Once you've created an account with them, any time you happen to notice an item on this blog that you think you'd want someone to give you in the future, just click the "add to your grat.uito.us wishlist" link at the bottom of the post, and it'll automatically send you to the "add a wish" page with some default information filled out.

Then, when your birthday or another gift-giving holiday comes around, pass your grat.uito.us wishlist URL around to your friends and family, and they can find out what gifts you'd really like!


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