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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Titanium Spork

We all know the wonder that is the humble spork. More than a mere eating utensil, it's a beacon of hope for the world. Long ago, people who wished to dine were forced to carry no fewer than two utensils: a fork and a completely separate spoon. This was cumbersome and tiring, and left one bereft of energy despite the hearty meal. But, lo and behold, human ingenuity came to the rescue, combining the two utensils into one sleek and stylish apparatus, gleaming with the promise of easier meals to come. Now you can hold that promise in your hand with this Titanium Spork, a solid and straightforward reminder that there is no problem, no matter how big, that can't be solved by an invention with a silly name. $8.89 USD. (Via Gizmodo.)


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