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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Handler

Picture this: you're using a public restroom and doing your best to keep germs off your hands. They've installed automatic-flush toilets, and sinks and paper towel dispensers with motion sensors so you don't have to touch anything. Then you go to leave, and the grimy, germ-covered doorhandle stares you in the face. What do you do? Try to use your foor or your elbow to pull the door open? Go get another paper towel and leave it lying on the floor when you're done? No! Get yourself The Handler, a handy keychain-sized pop-out hook made especially for grabbing and pulling things you don't want to touch. The hook is silver-plated, making it naturally and effectively antibiotic, so your hands and your hook both stay clean. $10.95 USD. (Via Gizmodo.)


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