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Monday, March 20, 2006

Man-Bashing Punching Bag

There are many men out there who suck. Unfortunately, sometimes you end up spending some time with one of them for one reason or another, and after it's all over, you just need to take out your aggression. While actually hitting people is frowned upon in our society (unless you're a professional athlete), hitting large inflatable objects is usually okay. This Man-Bashing Punching Bag is five feet tall and features a lovely diagram of an anonymous man, with helpful directions: "Punch him here," "knee him here," "kick him here." Take out your aggressions, burn a few calories in the mean time, and enjoy the release of tension. $24.95 USD.


At 2:05 AM, Anonymous XTrnl said...

Well then if it's okay for a woman to have a toy that encourages violence against males, including sexual violence (I couldn't help but notice the caption "knee him here" above his crotch), why not start recommending the Lusty Linda doll, which makes as much of a joke out of rape as this has of domestic violence against males?


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